Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion Review

Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion has been utilized effectively for years in healthcare facilities in Australia.   For those who suffer the daily, unrelenting pain of dry, red, cracked, distressed skin proven relief is finally here.  This proven product, tested in healthcare facilities, has harnessed the natural healing powers only found in the oil of the macadamia nut.  This natural ingredient mimics the oils found in human skin and naturally replenishes essential oils to distressed skin, penetrating hurting skin to repair, restore, and renew it.

My youngest suffers from eczema and my skin is always dry and itchy. I knew when I seen the Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion that I would try it to see if it worked. I only blog about what I really believe in, this I support 110%. This lotion is amazing. It helps my dry itchy skin, and my son doesn’t have as many issues with his eczema. I highly recommend this lotion to anyone that needs to find relief.

The lotion can be found online here.

I received the Adamia Theraputic Repair Lotion in exchange for my honest review.


Hot Pink iPhone 6 (4.7) Armband Review

One way I found to make sure I exercise more is to listen to music while I’m working out.  It is easy to do it while I am at home. Not so easy when I walk. That is until I found the Hot Pink iPhone 6 Armband.


It is adjustable so that is a major plus in my book. It also has a slot for a key, or a little cash. This is perfect for those that are on the go. Since I am training for my first 5k, as well as wanting to lose weight, this armband is a major blessing! I do not know how I would get through my evening walks without it.

It can be found online here.

I received the hot pink iphone 6 armband in exchange for my honest review.

24 Ct. Hot Chocolate For Keurig K Cup Type Brewers Review

I know I said that this week was going to be all products to help you lose weight, I can’t pass up a chance to tell y’all about this totally awesome hot chocolate.

Now I know most of you are probably going “wait isn’t it the wrong time of year for hot chocolate?” and you would be right. However, I am the type of person that likes hot chocolate all year round. Some times instead of my usual cup of coffee I will go for a cup of hot chocolate.

I like that this brand of hot chocolate is all natural. Made in the U.S.A. with all natural ingredients including pure cane sugar, non-fat dry milk, cocoa, whey, natural flavor, salt, locust bean gum and stevia. It taste amazing! It is a nice, creamy hot chocolate. I normally add extra sugar to my hot chocolate but I didn’t with this 🙂 Always a plus if you can cut back on sugar.

You can find it here.

I did receive this hot chocolate for free in exchange for my honest opinion. Regardless I only promote items I believe in.

ScorchedRX Premium Jump Rope Review

The 2nd fitness thing I am going to post about this week is the SchorchedRX Premium Jump Rope.

Let me say starting out doing this review I felt like a huge goof. I loved jumping rope as a child, however it has been almost 20 years since I have jumped rope. To say I was out of practice was an understatement. I am just glad I didn’t have to do a video review for this one.


The jump rope its self wasn’t the issue. It is an amazing quality, and I would recommend it for anyone looking into adding jump rope to their cardio. It is nice and long for those tall people, but not too long that it gets tangled if you are short like me. I actually had a blast using this jump rope.

It is nice, high quality, and well made. The handles screwed into place to make it easier. It is perfect for wanting to work up a sweat.

It can be found on here.

I did receive this jump rope for free in exchange for my honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products I believe in.

Diet Enlightenment Review

This week on the blog I am going to be talking about things I have found informative and helpful when it comes to getting healthy and losing weight.

The first review up is for the e-book Diet Enlightenment by Rachel L. Pires

I found this book to be very helpful if you are just starting out and not sure the best way to lose weight. The author seems to know her stuff. She puts it in an easy to understand format and is pretty straight forward with it.

I do agree with her that you need to understand the science behind dieting if you really want to see results, and keep them. Anyone can, and will, lose some weight with any of the fad diets that are on the market today. However, if you want to keep the results, you need to understand what makes them work in the first place. You have to cut your carbs. Rachel discusses this in Chapter 1.

Each chapter she gets more in depth as to what will work for you to see results. I believe that this book will come in handy over the next few months as I slowly start to drop some much needed pounds. I have found myself making notes as I was reading this. I do this in order to truly understand everything.

If you would like to check out the book for yourself it can be found on here.

As always all views expressed in this blog are my own. I did receive a free copy of this book in order to review for my blog.

Suit Garment Bag & Shoe Bag.

I love to travel. I mean who doesn’t? I honestly believe it would be amazing to take a year or two away from everyday life and travel the world. I might change my tune once I start traveling a little for work.

The only downside to traveling is the luggage. If you are in need of traveling with nice clothes, you always risk the chance of getting to your destination to find out that they are now wrinkled. Also what about the shoes? How many times have you had your shoes leave something on your clothes when you packed them in your suitcase?

Both of these situations can be prevented by the Suit Garment Bag Covers and the Shoe Bag from Prime Selections on This comes in a pack of 2 garment bag covers and 1 shoe bag. They are made from high quality, breathable material. The shoe bag is even water proof.

I loved the quality of these bags. I knew I could feel safe putting my clothes in them and travel a few hours away, and my clothes would look the same as they did when I put them in the bags. I love the fact that the suit garment bag has metal eyelet below the zipper so I can still be able to carry it by the hanger, even when folded in half. I am also confident when traveling for business that my clothes will look professional in and out of the bag. The clear plastic window also lets me know what is in the bag, if I have a couple packed before I leave.

I received this in exchange for my honest review. Regardless, all views and opinions started are my own.

MaxReduce Weight Loss Review

I have been wanting to lose weight and get healthy for a while now. Starting at the first of the year I cut out all soda and started eating healthier. I even started a light workout program. It didn’t work, in fact I gained weight.

Flash forward almost 2 months and I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I knew that meant getting the weight off was going to get a lot harder. I started my search then for something I could add to my routine that works. I came across MaxReduce Weight Loss pills. Since I had the chance to try them for free I figured I had nothing to lose if they didn’t work.

I am glad to say that they work, and the work great. I take one in the morning and I now have energy to get through my day. I am feeling great, and in the first week and a half I lost 10 lbs. Now with the added energy I know that I will see my weight goal sooner rather than later.

I am not saying just take these pills and still eat crap food and not workout. No matter what you take, you still need to eat healthy and exercise. These pills just make it so you aren’t going to dread that exercise, because you now have the energy to get through your day. As I record this weight loss journey I will keep y’all updated on my progress 🙂 If you are interested in trying them for yourself you can find them here.


I received the MaxReduce Weight Loss Pills in exchange for my honest opinion. Regardless I only recommend products I truly believe in.