My life, in a nut shell

I started this blog to do product reviews. However, life decided to throw me a curve ball shortly after I started blogging. I got sicker than I normally do when the kids are in school. I actually got the flu, which doesn’t usually happen with me.  It was a signal that something was up. I had already been dealing with issues that I thought might had been Lupus, but the doctor ruled that out just 8 months prior to me getting the flu.

Fast forward a month or so and I found a doctor that would actually listen to me. He diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. It was nice to know I wasn’t crazy. (Well crazier than normal) It felt good to finally figure out what was going on with my body, and why I was constantly run down. I had blood work done at that time to check a few other things. I went a few months later and the doctor told me that my white cell count had been high and wanted to see if it was a fluke or if it was still high. Well the new test showed it was still high, so off to a specialist I go.

In the month leading up to seeing the hematologist, I of course did the one thing no one should do when they aren’t sure what is going on with their body, I turned to Dr. Google. Looking at most of my symptoms and how I felt I was sure it was leukemia, just my white cell count wasn’t really in range with cancer. I did get the good news when I went to the hematologist that it wasn’t cancer, but they had no clue what was going on. I was back to square one it felt like. I now have to wait until January, 2016 to see a rheumatologist. I am not going on Dr. Google though.

At the end of August, I still wasn’t feeling myself and knew something still wasn’t right (besides the screwed up white cell count) and my family doctor referred me to an OB/GYN. I have to say that the PA I seen there has been a God send. She has figured out more of what is going on with my body than all the other doctors combined. I still have a lot of things that are unknown, but to know that I am on the path to figure it out is a blessing.

Now I’m sure you are wondering how this post fits into my blog as it has been….Well like I said in the post before this one, I am totally revamping my blog. I am going to still do product reviews, but I am going to be picky about what I do. I want products that are going to help me live a healthier lifestyle, or that I feel are a good fit for what I want this blog to turn into. I hope to continue to grow my readers, share my health struggles, and maybe even make a few new friends. Please feel free to comment, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


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