Suit Garment Bag & Shoe Bag.

I love to travel. I mean who doesn’t? I honestly believe it would be amazing to take a year or two away from everyday life and travel the world. I might change my tune once I start traveling a little for work.

The only downside to traveling is the luggage. If you are in need of traveling with nice clothes, you always risk the chance of getting to your destination to find out that they are now wrinkled. Also what about the shoes? How many times have you had your shoes leave something on your clothes when you packed them in your suitcase?

Both of these situations can be prevented by the Suit Garment Bag Covers and the Shoe Bag from Prime Selections on This comes in a pack of 2 garment bag covers and 1 shoe bag. They are made from high quality, breathable material. The shoe bag is even water proof.

I loved the quality of these bags. I knew I could feel safe putting my clothes in them and travel a few hours away, and my clothes would look the same as they did when I put them in the bags. I love the fact that the suit garment bag has metal eyelet below the zipper so I can still be able to carry it by the hanger, even when folded in half. I am also confident when traveling for business that my clothes will look professional in and out of the bag. The clear plastic window also lets me know what is in the bag, if I have a couple packed before I leave.

I received this in exchange for my honest review. Regardless, all views and opinions started are my own.


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