Car Windshield Sunshade Jumbo Review

I know I have said I am going to have a schedule for posts, and I am really working on it, but with school and 2 different sports I honestly feel like I am could use a clone…lol

One good thing about my blog is it lets me try out some awesome products that come in handy. One of the most recent ones is the Sunshade Jumbo. Even though it is only spring time here in West Virginia, we have already seen some days where it has hit the lower 80’s. I just know that this summer is going to be a nice and hot one. One thing I have always hated about summer is when you get into your car and have to leave the doors open for like 10 minutes so that it doesn’t feel like an oven in there. Thanks to the sunshade I won’t have to worry about that. It keeps my car nice and cool by blocking out the sun.

I have tired a few different ones in the past and I haven’t really cared for them. Most of them either didn’t keep the car cool, or were a pain in the backside to fold back up for storage. This sunshade keeps it cool, and is very easy to store. It even comes with it’s own little pouch. I just keep the pouch in the glove box for when I am ready to go. I take the sunshade down and fold it up and store it in my glove box. Super easy. If you are wanting to keep your car cool this summer check out the Sunshade Jumbo on here.


*As A blogger, I am provided products by companies in exchange for my honest feedback, just as OT-Online has here with this Sunshade*


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