Time to step up my game

With this week being my spring break from school, and the start of a new month, I figured it would be the perfect time to start working out. I have already been eating healthy, and cut out soda from my diet at the start of the year. Now is time to step up my game. I am not doing this just to look great this summer, I am doing this for me, because for the past 13 years I have been very unhappy with the way my body has looked. Sure in those 13 years I have had 3 kids, and I look okay for being a mom of 3. I just miss my body I had at 18. Now, I know I won’t get that body back, but at least that body was fit and tone. That is what I am going for!

I am sure other mom’s can relate to why I feel this way. Heck, for years I have said I am going to get in shape and never do it. I always joke that round is a shape and I am good. No, I’m not good. I have been fooling myself all this time. I miss being able to play soccer without feeling like my heart is going to pound it’s way out of my chest. I want the fit me back, and by golly, this time I am going to get it.

I know this won’t be an overnight transformation and that it is going to be really hard work, and I know along the way to my goal I am going to want to quit, but I hope when I hit that point some of my lovely readers & friends will force me to keep going. In celebration of the new me, I am spending tonight as my last night of being fat, by eating 2 of the foods I am going to really limit myself on, pepperoni rolls, and twix. Tomorrow starts the new me. I will be posting my workouts this week if anyone wants to join me. Also weekly I will be checking in with my progress….Here is to the new me, may she be as fierce as she used to be!


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