What Hurts the Most!

No this isn’t a post about the Rascal Flats song.  In fact I had a very different post planned for today. An up beat one about how great I am doing in school and to give tips for time management. I guess that post will be another day.

This post goes along with the theme I have been doing for my non-review posts. Thinking back to my childhood, sadly this issue is still very much present 32 yrs later, and this one isn’t any bit happy. A little back story about my childhood. I have a half-sister, that my mom had before she married my dad, I just didn’t find out that she was my half-sister until I was in high school. However, I always knew my mom treated her differently than me and always favored her. I figure it was okay because I was “daddy’s girl” and it was the typical “why can’t you be like your older sister” issue that all younger siblings deal with.  The older I got the more it hurt thought. It was no longer the typical stuff and I felt left out. It was still not that bad because my dad was there to soften the blow. However, when it is to the point that everyone in the family knew my mom favored my sister over me I had enough and said something to her. My mom said I was crazy and that she loved us both equally. To save a fight I let her believe it. I kept up the charade for years.

I seriously thought now that my dad has passed on and my sister and I are the only things my mom has left that she would change her ways! Boy was I wrong!! It hurts, that for 32 yrs I always felt left out and not wanted by mom. I hurt as a child and it still hurts to this day. I just don’t know what to do to get my point across to her because nothing has worked in the past! That is what hurts the most!


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